Mobicue for Sony Ericsson JP5 V1.3.0 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

Mobicue for Sony Ericsson JP5 V1.3.0 Free Download screenshot

Mobicue for Sony Ericsson JP5 is an application that brings the Mobicue blogging social network to your Sony Ericsson JP5 mobile phone. Mobicue in itself is a social micro blogging service that allows you to add your photos, videos and small texts to an account profile.

Everything is done is real time, so the Mobicue for Sony Ericsson JP5 application will allow you to add images directly from your camera phone and upload the videos you created which will be immediately available to share with your friends on the Mobicue network.

When you log into Mobicue for Sony Ericsson JP5, you will be able to have instant messaging conversations with friends on MSN and Yahoo and you can easily invite them to become your friend on Mobicue if they do not already have an account. Similarly to twitter, you can update you status and follow your friends and have them follow you.

Mobicue is a social microblogging service. It allows users to update any photos, videos, or

text and more in real time from their camera phones, and immediately shows them to friends on


With Mobicue your can:

- Instant chat with MSN and Yahoo! friends

- Invite and find your IM/Email friends easily on Mobicue

- Reconnect with old friends

- Update and Share what's been happening around you

- Follow your friend and view their real life

New update:

- Chat with AIM friends

- Launch official iPhone site

Compatible with: D750i/K500i/K500c/K500im/K530i/K600/K600i/K608/K608i/K610i/K610c/K610im/K618i/K630i/K700i/K700c/K750i/K750c/S600i/V600i/V630/V640i/V800/W550i/W550c/W600a/W600i/W610i/W618c/W660i/W700i/W700c/W710i/W710c/W800/W810i/W810c/Z550i/Z550a/Z550c/Z558i/Z558c/Z610i/Z710i/Z710c/Z800

For more compatible devices, please go to with cellphone browser

System Requirements:


Mobicue for Sony Ericsson JP5 V1.3.0 Free Download screenshot